The effect of different fertilizer treaments on the yield and quality of winter wheat

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Péter Jakab
Dávid Festő
Gábor Zoltán
Levente Komarek


The effect of fertilization on the yield and quality of winter wheat was studied on meadow soil in 2015-2016 years in Hódmezővásárhely. The experiment was set up on the area of SZTE Tangazdaság Ltd, in three replications. The preceding crop was alfalfa. Four fertilizer steps were applied besides the control: N80PK30, N100PK30, N120PK0, N120PK30 kg/ha active ingredients. The year 2015-2016 was favourable for winter wheat production. The amount of precipitation in the vegetative period of winter wheat was higher by 92.8 mm than the average. We processed the obtained data by single factor variant analysis. In control treatment the yield was 5.70 t/ha. We obtained the maximum yield 7.37 t/ha in N80PK30 kg/ha fertilizer treatment. The yield difference between the two treatments was statistically justified. The nutrient doses higher than N80PK30 did not increase the yield of wheat. The examined quality parameters (gluten content, crude protein content, Zeleny number) reached the highest value in N80PK30 treatment. Our scientific results proved, that in the case of good preceding crop we can reduced the amount of fertilizer, which is important in environmentally and economical point of you.

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Jakab, Péter, Dávid Festő, Gábor Zoltán, and Levente Komarek. 2018. “The Effect of Different Fertilizer Treaments on the Yield and Quality of Winter Wheat”. Review on Agriculture and Rural Development 6 (1-2):182-87.

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