Influence of Foliar Fertilization on Yield and Grain Quality of Corn

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Péter Jakab
Levente Ódry
Tamás Monostori
Györgyi Csontos
Mihály Sárvári
István Kristó
Levente Komarek


We examined the influence of foliar fertilization on the yield and grain quality of corn in 2018. The experiment was set in three replications, random blocks on the area of Tangazdaság Ltd. in Hódmezővásárhely. The soil of the experiment was meadow chernozem. We sprayed out three different foliar fertilizer products individually and combined with each other as well, so there were six treatments and the control to be examined. The year 2018 was not favourable for corn production. In 2018 the amount of precipitation in the vegetative period of corn was lower by 70.5 mm than the average. The mounthly average temperature in the vegetative period of corn was higher by 4 °C than the average of several year. We evaluated the obtained data by single factor analysis of variance. We obtained 10.33 t/ha in control treatment, and with the foliar fertilization the yield ranged between 10.52-11.40 t/ha. The foliar fertilization products increased the yield of corn, but this difference was not significant. By the application of foliar fertilization, the crude protein and starch content of corn grain did not change significantly. Our scientific results showed, that the foliar fertilization has positive effect on the yield of corn and small effect on the examined grain quality parameters

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Jakab, Péter, Levente Ódry, Tamás Monostori, Györgyi Csontos, Mihály Sárvári, István Kristó, and Levente Komarek. 2021. “Influence of Foliar Fertilization on Yield and Grain Quality of Corn”. Review on Agriculture and Rural Development 10 (1-2):115-20.

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