Changes of human resource concentration and specialisation in Hungarian industry

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Levente Komarek


On certain areas of Hungary different industry structures evolved and various industries became dominant in each region. The spatial location of certain industries was influenced by several social-economical factors (the historical traditions of production, ownership, available labour force and equipment, resources, etc.). In case of the regionally differentiated industrial structure in some areas different profitability, human-resource usage, technical standards, different risk factors and market opportunities must be calculated. In the years following the regime-change the transformation in Hungarian economy resulted in significant changes in the sectoral and regional structure of the industry in the field of human resources as well. These changes demand to carry out studies that provide answers whether any concentration can be observed at the spatial organization of industry sectors and also if an increase or decrease in the industrial specialization is characteristic of a certain county regarding human resources.

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Komarek, Levente. 2013. “Changes of Human Resource Concentration and Specialisation in Hungarian Industry”. Review on Agriculture and Rural Development 2 (1):91-97.

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